Fifteen Minutes?

April 9, 2014

I see my neurologist once a year just to get my prescriptions refilled. Nothing more, nothing less. From the beginning years ago, I had six month appointments but my last visit I got it switched to yearly visits.

Based on previous visits I wasn’t looking forward to this one and I rescheduled twice – both later. Anyway, I got there and was out the door with my prescriptions in hand fifteen minutes later. Literally. Oh, and because they don’t take governmental insurance I pay out of pocket – so $130 for 15 minutes. So, they value their “services” at over 500 an hour. Joke.

They used to try and sell me on trying botox or other treatments and I always said no and that I want to just maintain how I am now. At least this time they didn’t try to.

I have written a few blogs on these guys before as well as a business review. Maybe they have seen them? Doubtful. Seems like they have too good of a good thing going to care about the people they are working for.

I have been paying out of pocket with this office the whole time I have been going there. With the new implemented insurance policies more doctors will be going private. For those of you thinking “Republican”, I ask where is your insurance? That’s what I thought. So shut up.

Health “care” .gov

April 1, 2014

I don’t know about you, but personally I am tired of seeing people on social media say “Thanks Obama for ObamaCare” or the  ACA. I am all for universal health, but making people pay for it and penalizing them for not signing up  doesn’t make much if any sense.

It is going to make more public practitioners go private  but then what doctor takes governmental insurance anyway? Not many that’s for sure and if they do, its not advertised. Doctors don’t take governmental insurance because the reimbursement is so low.

Private companies can be charged many times more so it leaves people who need to see a doctor more than likely paying out of pocket unless they go to the ER or a clinic.

It’s a joke and has been made a joke of. More older people have signed up and in an effort to make a push Obama has put commercials throughout the NCAA tournament trying to appeal to the younger demographic.

This is a satire of it on this past Saturday’s SNL.

On the last preliminary election ballot there was an option to repeal ObamaCare. It won with 97%. I wonder how it will do in November and what will happen.

There have been a lot of articles, news stories and other things saying why this ”plan” will not only hurt the medical industry but also the economy for years to come.

It is just a step up from Medicaid and that is only because people are paying for it.

It is going to be an endless cycle of revisions depending on who is in office. I just hope they drop the term Obama Care and make the ACA the name. I wouldn’t want Obama on the name of my ”plan”.

I have been involved in sports..well, for a long time. I guess it started with running and I slowly built up my endurance and speed. I began doing races and by 2000 I did my first half marathon, the following year I did the same race.

I soon realized it wasn’t the race I enjoyed – it was the challenge to meet and exceed personal goals. I hated and still hate racing. Its more of a dog and pony show for me.

Up until this last year, I ran over a thousand miles a year.

Last summer, I started frequenting city pools and several of these pools are lap pools so slowly I got into swimming laps. So, much like running, I started off slowly. I was barely being able to do one length much less a lap but I enjoyed it so I kept at it.

Now, months later, I have two kick boards, I am on my third pair of fins and have built up my endurance to six plus days a week and today I passed my distance record – 5 miles in six days.

When I tell people I have done x distance swimming and they are like “ok” I think they think its like running/walking distance. Swimming distance is much different. Imagine swimming four 400m around a track. Much different.

Anyway, back to my running, at races and when I would run, people would say basically keep doing what you are doing you motivate me. The same thing has happened with swimming too.

I mean I guess if I motivate people by doing what I do then it is a success on my part. I like showing people that despite my physical stuff I am able to do whatever I set out to do.

Political Mess

March 10, 2014

Before I moved to Austin, I had my views and most of the people where I lived had the same or similar views. But once I moved, people have views all over the map and I have found myself more “knowledgeable” in the political area. While my views have not changed I think it becomes more of a requirement to have some sort of knowledge in the area of political games.

No matter the party or affiliation, we are just pawns when they need a vote.

I have noticed that more often than not after people are diagnosed with a disability of any type, they always seem to blame the disability on everything. I think if they really want to do something they will find a way to make it happen.
Then again, I don’t take much credence in doctors or the like. I have found they try to make you feel you need them more than you really do so they can try to push new medicines and procedures on you. While I could try new things, I don’t want to. I just want to maintain where I am. There is too much “Hollywood” in the medical community.

Its strange how in Texas the racing season is from Oct to Feb or maybe a little longer. I mean we embrace the heat and despise the cold. Numerous times this winter the schools have closed not becasue of snow or ice but becase it was too cold. It does not make sense to have nothing during the summer..but I am not big racer anyway.

I started started swimming last March but not that consistantly until people stopped laying October? Anyway, I was running and then after the run I would swim a few laps. I found out I liked swimming and as it got cooler, I started swimming more and running less.

The races that I would have done were much like the weather in Texas. In November the day of the San Antonio marathon it was freezing and this weekend is the Austin Marathon and the high is supposed to be close to 80.

Last year, SA was warm and Austin was cool.

That being said, I am glad I have learned to enjoy something new.

“Snowed In”

February 8, 2014

Granted I live in Texas where the high during the “winter” is more often than not in the 40s and up but this winter, it has been cooler than normal. I can handle a mid 40 degree day at the pool but like today when the high was in the 30s, I wasn’t about to go swimming or running for that matter.

I can’t imagine how stir crazy I would be if I didn’t workout most days of the week. Being on disability feels a lot like I am stuck in these walls – no opportunity no real possibility of getting out even though I hate being on it. Working out has enabled me an escape…a way to establish goals, meet and pass goals and set new ones.

I have done well swimming and if you look at each month, I have swam March of last year to present..although I really started swimming after the swim season say Sept or Oct.

Thankfully its about to warm up. I have swam in mid 40s and up in a outdoor heated pool. You know its cool when the water is steaming because its much warmer than the air.

No “Good” Radio

February 4, 2014

I hear stats like everyday 75 to over a hundred people move here daily but the two sports talk radio stations that are here are bad..I mean really bad. They have no real content. They just talk about the same thing over and over: the new coach and what he is going to do. Stop. They might think they know what he may do but he is unproven. Maybe talk about the basketball team if you must talk Texas all the time? I only listen to local radio in the car. Thanks to the internet I can listen to far better stations.

With the influx for people I would think they would want to cater to all people..especially the new people.

Years ago there was the movie Boiler Room about the stock market and selling fake stocks. On Monday, I went to see Wolf of Wall Street and it was pretty much like Boiler Room. Wolf had a lot of nudity, drug use, and it was nearly three hours long. Save your money and see something else or just watch Boiler Room.

Oh, and there is also this too – which didn’t really offend me but I thought it was over the top.
Overuse of the R word Read the rest of this entry »

I am certainly not one to cast morality on someone or say you can or can not say this and that but ever since the whole Duck Dynasty thing hit the “news” or rather social media it has become a subject that everyone seems to have an opinion on.

In my opinion the whole gay rights thing has become such a hot topic the last few years that whenever someone – especially celebrities – says something anti gay they are automatically bigots, hypocrites, ignorant mean spirited people. I think this is hardly the case in this situation.

However, when someone on their side says something “out of line” its never mentioned.

The magazine is known for “setting” their interviewees up. Its no secret Duck Dynasty’s beliefs. I mean even though the show is scripted at the end of every show the last scene is everyone having a meal and praying. Also, if you look on you tube at their talks they are all about their faith.

I was going to post some of the blogs and videos that I have seen this week but if I did it would just be continuing the misinformation.

If people get so fired up about such a small issue why don’t they get excited about things that are actually going on in this country or world for that matter that could be helped if the same media and social outcries happened.

During the Texas v Michigan State basketball game today, a CBS announcer used the phrase coined on the show “That’s a Fact Jack”. Who knows if it was just one of those things or if it was someone showing support.

Quack quack.



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