December 18, 2014

Now Christmas advertising starts right after Halloween if not before so the consumer can wake up early in the AM after Thanksgiving to save some money on gifts. Its not about Christmas now its about spending money and getting the consumers to spend more of it when many of them have less to spend.

I think your birthday should be first gift wise to Christmas and even then there should be a cut off on the age. I mean how many 40 year olds have big birthday to dos and those that do probably shouldn’t.

Point is Christmas is for kids, not businesses and it should be treated as  such.

…and thank you North Korea for saving American’s from another crappy Seth Rogan film – Horrible Bosses.


November 21, 2014

I know no matter how much we spend on border security and the like there will always be illegals sneaking in. But granting them amnesty is a bit much.

They probably do the jobs most people wouldn’t for little pay but they are getting/will get governmental benefits many of us had to hire lawyers to get.

It doesn’t make sense. Neither does any of the  current administration for that matter. I think the November mid term elections were proof that many real Americans feel the same way.  I saw earlier Obama’s approval rating dropped to 36 percent this week.

Where are those 36 percent? Probably crossing the border as we speak or rather type/read.

Today Was A Good Day

November 5, 2014

I live among a lot of extreme liberals and to say extreme is not an overstatement. I am not one of these at all.

Most people here assume you are one of them politically speaking without saying anything and I generally don’t say anything.

So Abbott and Dewhurst won. They were both projected to win by double digits so you would think that people would be prepared apparently not.

Now the Republicans have both the House and the Senate majority and that makes me happy. I think it shows how America sees the current administration.

While I think all politicians aren’t in it for the normal people, it is nice to see such a slap in the face of the Democratic party.

For me, it is still the summer of 2013. I never stopped going to the pool last year when the seasons changed and I don’t intend to this year either.

For the next few months, the people who swim outside will be less and less as time goes on but I kind of prefer it as opposed to hundreds of people.

May until early August it is hard to swim laps…at least at the three city pools I go to.

My favorite pool is a natural pool where the water is a constant 68 degrees year around. A length (from one end to the other) is an eighth of a mile or rather a lap is a quarter mile. So, all you have to do for a mile is four laps. In the smaller lap pools, you have to do 26 laps for a mile.

Anyway, I am looking forward to the off season. All pools are free now until spring break of next year. There is the large pool I like a lot and two lap pools. One of the lap pools is heated year around to 80 degrees.

I have gotten used to the cooler water so its only cold when you get out.

Its A Dog’s Life…

September 9, 2014

In most cities pets are considered part of the family but when they get sick or old people euthanize them.

Some people treat them just like humans. They take them everywhere and when they “put” the animal down, they ask for sympathy. Ha, I am pretty sure you are the one who just paid to have your animal “put down”.

The animal has no choice and I am pretty sure they were right by your side when you have been sick. But you can’t do the same for them?

If you want to “put down” your animal feel free but I am not going to give you any sympathy.

I was going to post this in a more public place but I would offend more people than not I am afraid.

Speaking of pets, my dog Jack, is doing fine. He is just lazy as always.

Living the Dream?

September 5, 2014

Sometimes when I am around a big group of people and say two people are talking and one person says to the other what have you been up to? The other person says sometimes “just living the dream.” The phrase was made popular from the 90’s movie Dazed and Confused about some recent high school graduates and a much older graduate who used the phrase.

I know for a fact that I am not “living the dream” and I am pretty sure most of the people using that saying are like the guy in the video.

While I enjoy where I live and what it offers it isn’t exactly where I thought I would be at this point in my life and honestly, I never really thought much about it. I don’t think I ever had a dream job or something that I wanted to do. Maybe I did? Maybe it has been forgotten All I remember is enjoying writing and well I still do that so I guess I am living the dream?


Football predictions

August 30, 2014

I think Texas will win no more than 7 games. Six is more likely and wouldn’t be surprised if they only won 5. The Cowboys went 0- in preseason which was the first time in over 12 years. I think their record will be close to Texas’ and they play 16 games.

This is the first year for the NCAA four team playoffs. I think it will be Oregon, Fla St, Alabama and UCLA. Ore v FSU in the championship game. As far as the NFL goes I think it will be Denver v Seattle for a rematch.

Despite the college playoffs, there are even more pointless bowls this year. So as long as a team wins 6 games odds are they will go to some meaningless bowl game. Its kind of like high school teams that make the playoffs. Half the teams make them and the rest get participation ribbons.

Money For Nothing…

August 20, 2014

Americans (myself included) are obsessed with all American professional sports. Whether it is a fantasy team or just because we enjoy watching it we make the 20 somethings who play out to be bigger than life.

The MLB, NBA, NFL, etc are billion dollar industries and in each sport when a champion is deemed “world champions” but the rest of the world doesn’t play the sport on a equal level that we do. The one world sport we participate in we are 0-10 in World Cups.

We think nothing about four or five year 100 plus million dollar contracts with ten’s of millions guaranteed. It is a joke to what they are paid and what we pay to see “professional” athletes play a game.


July 11, 2014

Most people have kids now.

On an episode on Last Comic Standing recently there was a joke and I pretty much agree with it. It went something like this “I don’t see why people congratulate people who have babies. Wait until they are older to see how they turned out then congratulate them.”

It was funnier as a joke.

I don’t keep time but five minutes until the next hour all the recreational swimmers have to get out for five minutes. I am able to always do between 3.5 and 3 laps in that 5 minute time. Generally speaking I am very consistent just going off the break times. I do a mile in 40-45 minutes and a mile and a half in around an hour. I will do at least 7 miles a week. If I am taking a day off I will do extra. The most I have done is 8 miles in 7 days. A mile is 26 laps.


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