One eighty six

February 18, 2009

I applied for a job with Twitter and yesterday a person in HR accidentally cc’d all 186 of us instead of BCC. Its not that big of a deal to me. But once we realized what happened we all began to e-mail and network. My site had the most hits in a day it has ever had and I got a lot more followers on Twitter.

One persons blunder lead to networking with people who I otherwise never would have had contact with. Now if it will lead to a job….we can hope. =)

The Iphone craze…

February 3, 2009

I will admit it when the Iphone first came out I like most other consumers wanted one. What once was a phone for those willing to pay an insane amount for the device and per month has become a less expensive phone that everyone ‘thinks’ they need.

If you need to be connected to the Internet at all possible times, the Iphone is for you. What I have seen in recent months since the 3G came out is a majority of people have them…for the wrong reason. They really don’t use the Internet or any of the apps, its more of an accessory. I think of it is a way for people to think they are “keeping up with the Jones.” Some Iphone users get the phone as a status symbol – like I am willing to pay 300 for a phone and 100 a month to look like I have money.

This is not true for all Iphone users. I have just noticed more recently as the phone has become more mainstream. Good for Apple. I am certain their marketing team is meeting and exceeding all of their goals.

Its just that I am connected to the internet all day….to bring the internet with me is overuse…but that’s  just me.