Sure he is a good speaker but how many times has he said ‘unintentional’ things that¬† he later has to apologize for? During the election, he talked down to those in rural America, etc. But his most recent funny guy comment went one step over the line. On Jay Leno last night he was talking about bowling. He said that he’d been practicing bowling and his score was a 129. He went on to say that it was “like the Special Olympics or something.”

On Good Morning America he apologized for his comment. Obama, as a member of the disabled community I do not accept. It’s easy to speak well when you are reading off a teleprompter.

You would be smart when trying to be a funny guy and referencing disability organizations. Do you not realize there are at least 54 million people in America with some sort of disability?

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March 6, 2009

My house has been on the market for two weeks.¬† With no job and my savings being depleted it is the only option. I can’t really justify a mortgage right now.

When it sells, I’m not sure where I will move to. I’ll decide when I get a contract on it.

This process is a pain. Always keeping it clean and having to leave at a moments notice is not fun…but what can you do?