Disabled in America

July 24, 2009

The United States is supposed to be the land of opportunity but I have not seen much opportunity. The economy currently is in a downward turn and although it is more difficult to obtain certain things I feel it is still possbile….or should be.

I am not one to blame things on my disability but I know that if I did not have a disability, things would be different for me.

In looking for employment  many job ads say they are an Equal Opportunity Employer but are they really? In most of the nations large companies there are very few people with disabilities working there and I would be willing to bet those with the disabilities are not one of the higher paid employees. They likely have little chance for upward mobility and will be forced to settle even though they could do better.

I would love to see companies more receptive to actually hiring someone with a disability. Any company can say they are an EOE employer but are they really?

I would like to see people with disabilities living the lives they have dreamt of all their lives instead of taking lower wage jobs and or being forced to get in the cycle of living of the government.

I can’t blame companies fully though. They can’t ask about the condition and are then to an extent forced to make misconceptions. I just wish we had more real opportunity with real companies that are really a EOE.