Disabled and the Unemployed

September 21, 2009

I have had a disability for the majority of my life and haven’t been on any type of governmental assistance. I have just begun looking into getting on SSDI or SSI because of my current employment status and my need to have medical insurance.

I came to find out today that you are not eligible for SSI if you have $2,000 or more in assets. The money can’t be transfered to someone else either because they make sure you haven’t given any of your money away.

So in order to get on SSI you only can be broke? Sorry, but that doesn’t make any sense. I have worked hard to save my money and I either have to depleate my savings or put it in a medical account that is unable to be moved or touched.

This is clearly a flawed system. Being a single adult if I qualified for SSI, the maximum ammount of money I could get a month would be $620. That is no where near enough to live on. Hence the need to have some money saved up to cover the rest….or at least that was my plan.

I guess the government has it planned out pretty well: step one, you have to have a disability that hinders your ability to work. Next you can’t have over $2,000 and if you live with someone, 1/3 of what you would get each month will be taken out until you prove that you are paying your portion of bills, etc. The system is flawed. Right now I think it is set up to cater to those who want to live off the government for the rest of their lives for example food stamps.

For a single man it is not feasible to give all that I have saved for up for $620 a month and some insurance. For a couple it is different because the other member may work or have the money.

I will not allow myself to become a part of the ‘system’.  Sure, I need some health coverage but I am not about to  dump all my assets.


September 15, 2009

I do not understand “celebrities”. Just because they are a professional athlete or in the music industry they seem to get a pass by normal society on their actions.

Donte Stallworth killed someone while driving over the limit and only had to serve a month in jail. Fair? Michael Vick was involved in dog fighting and he served way more time than Stallworth and Vick has gotten more scrutiny than Stallworth has. It seems like if you have money and are well known you can get away with more than the average person.

I was glad to see Plaxico Burgess get what deserved for carrying a loaded gun into a night club.

I am not going to go into the Kayne West stunt at the Video Music Awards. I do think it showed what kind of person he is though. Just because he has money and “power” he is above others – or so he seems.

I think the average person gives ‘famous’ people too much leeway. It gives them the feeling they can do whatever they want. It is more of a publicity stunt than anything – and for the most part it works.