Pursuit of Happiness

January 17, 2010

The other night there was a documentary on PBS about happiness and what makes people happy and why. They interviewed a lot of people asking them what makes one happy and most people said either jobs or money related things.

While money and a job makes you stable I am not sure it constitutes being happy. I know right now I would be extremely happy with a job and some financial certainty but that isn’t going to define my happiness.

I think the best way to say your happy or not is to look at what is going on with you and if your content with it you are happy…which is relative to the person.

2009 reviewed.

January 4, 2010

Put my house on the market in February and it sold in May.

In May I moved to Lufkin to begin working with Americorps.

In September I left Americorps and now I am looking for a job – anywhere.

-Hoping 2010 will be much better for me than 09 was.