I remember when I was a kid and no one had the internet and the majority of people didn’t even have a computer. Times have changed now and it seems that everything revolves around the internet.

The internet is useful to get information out or to get information at a low cost. However since the emergence of smart phones I think people have become more dependent on technology as well as the internet.

In social situations often times instead of being social people play on their phones.

We have become information junkies. Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if everyone didn’t have instant access to the internet/technology.

No Aid in Medicaid

October 8, 2010

A month or so ago I was having lower back pain. I called doctors in the provider list but the soonest I could be seen was May ’11. I then called Medicaid directly and asked if they knew of anyone. They gave me a clinic to go to nearby.

When I met with the ‘doctor’ I told her I have dystonia. She said ‘but dystonia is a symptom not a diagnosis. Then she tried telling me I had Muscular Dystrophy.

Anyway, she gave me some medicine to take care of the issue. I take other medicine regularly and my prescription was going out in addition to my medicine.

Knowing that it would likely be 2011 before I could see a neurologist I went elsewhere. I contacted  a neurosurgeon who referred me to a doctor they work with. They don’t take Medicaid. I can pay cash. Three hundred plus for consultation and one hundred for follow up. I think it is worth having a doctor who knows what dystonia is and is a legit doctor even if I have to pay for it.

I had my pharmacy contact my prior neurologist to see if he’d give me a refill. Thankfully I got one but I am certain when that prescription is up I will have to go to the new neurologist.

In my dealings so far with Medicaid and their doctors I feel the only benefit in Medicaid is medicine. Its really a shame. There are a lot of people who need  care who get poor care. I am lucky to have people who will help me out if I need it. Otherwise I would be arguing with someone who doesn’t know what I have.