I can run on my own for long distances and have a above average time but when it comes to racing I have a hard time.

When I run on my own I don’t really have anyone to race against. It is just me vs me but when it comes to racing it becomes me vs the others. I always run the first mile a minute or so faster than what I am used to. Because I start out of the gate fast I am easily gassed which leaves me frustrated and a part of me says I should stop trying to race. I don’t listen to that part.

With most runners without muscular disabilities they just run and I do too for the most part but when I start out too fast and burn out my muscles take longer to recover which leaves me sitting on the curb until my muscles relax.

It is all about pacing myself. If I run like I run on my own I would be happy…and I feel that getting there is definitely obtainable.

I do know that it’s all about the runners high and for me to get a decent runners high you need decent distance…which is why I dislike 5ks. 5ks are just a glorified sprint.

It’s too bad in the spring and summer the only races are 5ks. It’s okay though. I do need to decide soon if I am going to sign up for the 6 month marathon training program. Odds are I will. It will allow me to get used to running with a group often.

On Saturday I am running in a 5k. I am planning to stick with my new strategy. Hopefully it’ll work.