July 30, 2011

More often than not at night I will dream something than I can somewhat remember in the morning. Sometimes the.dreams are completely random and other times they have some kind of relevancy.

I wonder why we dream what we do. I am sure it’s based around what’s going or has been going on. Dreams are strange though…like how they sometimes sync up with reality.

This whole dream thing is pretty cool though. For years I have a few reoccurring settings that pop up every now and then. They are places that I have been to in my past but they are altered like cooler building so on.

Ok. Enough about dreams. I honestly think they are either to entertain, have no point or to prepare you for something.


I’m still running. I am limiting myself to a maximum of 7 to 10 miles four or five times a week until September when it will cool off.

My dog is good. I can’t believe i have had him nearly eight years. I got him when he was six weeks old.

Anyway, that’s the news with me. Oh, I went to Vegas with some friends in early July and in mid August I am going to Chicago for a Dystonia symposium.