The Tebow Affect

November 18, 2011

I am a big sports fan and I will typically watch any sports that is on. I have been lucky enough to miss all of the Denver Broncos games. The reason being they are not good in any aspect. Once Tim Tebow became the starter sports talk shows have either loved on the guy or hated on him. In either way it did not reflect his athletic ability instead his faith in God.

I’ll give him this. He has squeaked out wins with less than good performances. But because of his openness of his beliefs he has become a media target. “The Tebow” has become a way to make fun of him. It is when he kneels and prays after doing something good. It has turned into other teams doing it in mockery of him after sacking him for example.

There are a lot of Christian athletes that the media knows of but they don’t put on a show like Tebow does. Matt Hasselbeck QB of the Titans, Colt McCoy QB Browns are just a few of those who claim similar beliefs but they don’t act like Tebow does or get the media attention based on faith that Tebow does.

When he went to the University of Florida he often wore blackout under his eyes where he would have scripture written. It either caused non sports fans but religious people to embrace him or people who were against his antics and they made fun of him.

I am not here to say this is right  but I wish for the sake of religion and peoples beliefs that he wouldn’t be so charismatic about it. I really think what he has been doing is causing more harm than good.

In a country where there are so many people seeking something positive I wish that it seemed positive to me but instead I look at it as a distraction. If you ever watch a game where he is playing, watch it and when he does something good and the cameras are on him watch him.

It may be valid but if so why does he have to be so out there unlike Hasselbeck, etc. I just don’t get it.

Faith is not determined by works and vice versa. It is a case of the heart of the person and no one should be the judge of that. I just don’t like his antics that’s all it distracts us.

Political Games

November 9, 2011

I try to refrain from politics and the games politicians play but there is one topic that I am interested in – healthcare.

Honestly, I don’t see what the idea behind ‘universal healthcare’ is. Currently the United States has medicare/medicaid for those who make under a certian amount or have a disability that significantly impedes employment.

The idea of medicaid and medicare is good but the reality is that it isn’t good at all. Medicare is better than Medicaid but both require you to go to the approved doctors. If you want to see a specialist and they don’t take Medicaid/Medicare you will have to pay out of pocket. Most legitimate doctors don’t accept it because the medical reimbursement is so low.

Anyway, its screwed up and now the politicians who have no real life knowledge of these programs want to institute a universal healthcare plan. That is just bad.

While the idea is good the reality is it’s not.

If it happens private insurance will still exist and those that don’t have private insurance will be under universal healthcare. You will have to get governmental approval for anything – which may take months. Established doctors will stay with private insurance companies and new doctors trying to gain experience will be left to take care of the others.

I pay out of pocket to see a neurologist. I only see him to get my prescriptions refilled. I am considered a ‘cash’ patient. For my first visit I payed over 300 dollars and follow up visits are around half that. There isn’t anything I can do. I can either pay and get my medicine that helps me or I don’t and not be able to function like I currently do.

I am not trying to say poor me but I just wish it wasn’t like it is.

While the future is unknown I hope someone tries to fix the current situation before implementing a new one.