Pleasure Spiked with Pain

December 27, 2011

Since the SA race my running has been sporadic at best and while I can still run ten miles on any given day my running has become more ‘painful’ as of late.

While I was training for the SA the weather was warm and I was running four times a week (7 –  10 miles each time). Currently it is cooler generally speaking. I may go when it is warm outside but the average temperature for the day is much cooler. The cooler weather affects my muscles making them tighter than usual.

I have found that after four miles or so (or when I break a sweat) my muscles are loose. The key for me to run effectively in the ‘cold’ is to be aware and to stop early on and stretch.

In an effort to get back into race shape for my next race I am going to do shorter runs while stretching before and or after the run.

Early on in December,my goal was to get my weekly runs in addition to a long run of  20 miles. Considering there is only a few days left in December I don’t see it happening. Its okay. I could do 20 miles if I really wanted to but what would that get me? My next race is over a month away and to peak this soon is no good.

I am going to focus on getting back on a running routine this week and then I should be back on track to do what I want to do. I just have to be careful not to push myself too hard and make sure my muscles are loose.

I did 10 miles a week ago so the miles isn’t the problem. I don’t even really have a ‘problem’ its just keeping myself in good condition. So tomorrow I’ll do 4 or 5 miles and Thursday or Friday I’ll go 7 or 10.


The Ripple Effect

December 13, 2011

It’s funny how things happen and today I was able to see things happen over my ten mile run and they likely wouldn’t have happened if the previous event didn’t take place.

Last night I planned to do 15 miles today and I had to make myself to get going today. I probably would have kept laying around if I hadn’t wanted to get out. Anyway, I decide before I left to do ten instead of fifteen. I postponed the 15 to Thursday.

So, I take off on the trail and at various parts of the trail there are small  wooden bridges that are often uneven.  I came across one of these small bridges at the 2-3 mile mark. My foot hit the wood on the bridge causing me to loose balance and eventually do an arm out slide as if I was stealing 2nd base.

At the opposite side of the trail there was a homeless guy just standing. He saw it all. He was like are you ok? I said yes and he asked if I was bleeding and I said no. I stood up for a second dusted the dirt off and while I was dusting it off the guy was like you show me compassion. I don’t think compassion was the word he was looking for but I knew what he meant.

After he said that I had caught my breath and was good to go. Had I not been taking my time to go to the trail I may not have fallen and likely wouldn’t have met the guy. So, I get going and at the 6 or 7 mile mark I stop for maybe a minute of two to stretch then kept going. At the end I was less than a quarter mile from the finish and I passed a friend going the opposite direction. Had I not stopped to stretch I likely wouldn’t have seen my friend.

All in all after my encounter with the bridge and the homeless guy I  knew it would be my next blog entry. It wasn’t until the end that I would know  what I wanted to say: I can attest that everything happens for a reason.

Until Thursday…