Are You Good Enough?

January 25, 2012

I think the word ‘good’ is the most overused and misinterpreted word in the dictionary.  People say they are ‘good’ people but what is a ‘good’ person? I know what good food verses bad food is though.

So if we go by that if you taste good, are in the right price range and fill you up you are a ‘good’ person. But  if you are out of your price range, leaves a bad taste in your mouth and leaves you wanting more food your a ‘bad’ person?

I know there is a difference between good verses bad people but not much. People do things to seem ‘good’ and while it is generally a good gesture and can help people out I think more often than not its for some motive.

I think it would be easier to be thought of as a ‘bad’ person rather than a ‘good’ one because you wouldn’t really need to worry about other peoples perceptions of you.

Really we are all bad people.  Just some people know what to put on to make them taste good.


I would like to blog more often but I like to have a decent idea that I can come up with (unless I am rambling about running) and once I get the idea I like to have it written in my head before I type it. So thats why the delay.

About me, nothing much still running and doing a little this and a little of that. My hair is long and it gets in my eyes which bothers me when I run. That’s it.