Form? What form

April 17, 2012

I run a lot while running I watch other people. I have named a few of them.

the shadow boxer
They run but with their arms failing like they are in a fight.

the drunken runner
They zig zag back and forth all around the trail. One side to the other and never in a straight line.

kid on board
A parent has one of those roller strollers and they push the kid while running.

They aren’t even runners. They are a group of two or more walkers that walk side by side blocking the trail. When you squeeze by them they often make a comment like “excuse me”. These groups slow traffic.

run walkers
Most runners do this so it’s not a big deal. They run for awhile and either stop and stretch or slow to catch their breath but will start running again.

the train

Their  arms move with their legs. They typically keep the same speed and are annoyed by the above runners.

Watching the people is part of the fun. I am sure I am guilty of many of these I just don’t notice. With the help of endorphins, music and nice scenery it makes running all the more fun.

Take one, take another

April 17, 2012

Last week I went to my neurologist to get my prescriptions refilled. It’s a pain when you don’t need to go but I have to get my prescriptions.

Nothing was different symptom wise. We did change my dosage though. I was taking 500 mg of keppra three times a day, 20 mg of baclophin three times and .5 mg of clonazapam three times a day. We changed the keppra to 750 two times a day, the baclophin from a 10mg pill to a 20 and take clonazapam the same dosage but four times a day.

So far it’s made me feel more I could tell when my medicine was wearing off and now it seems more steady.

So far so good I guess.

One mans trash…

April 3, 2012

I live near both the recycling dumpster and the trash. People who have no need for still useable goods set them out in front of the dumpster. When I take my dog out sometimes I see big boxed tvs, tons of bed frames and the like. Sadly, the only things I have rescued were a new recycling container and two sets of Christmas lights.

When I do see big plastic containers empty in the top of the trash I am more than willing to take it out and toss it in the recycling one.

Every little bit helps…