Polit [icks]

May 10, 2012

I hate the political game and I really hate it during an election year. Everyone has their own opinions and i have found if your views are different than others then you are “wrong” and ” a bad person ”

No matter who is elected the country will still be screwed up. The politicians have no real concept of the American life. Their campaigns alone cost several million dollars.

From now until November it will be constant mudslinging about how much better they are and how their “plans” will “help America”

I wish there were no political parties. I wish money wasnt an issue in the campaign. I wish everyone was on an equal plane but that isn’t going to happen.

USA: Land of the Free where money makes the rulers.

The Wonder Years…

May 5, 2012

So today I started watching The Wonder Years on Netflix. I remember when I was a kid and would sit on the floor watching that show.

My life as a kid was good as I remember. Bike riding, tree climbing, collecting baseball cards, going on vacation all over the west with my grandparents all are fond memories I have.

It’s weird kind of for me to think back to those times and realize my parents were close to my current age now.

I know that things happen and times have certainly changed but I think things were better then. No Internet. No immediate information just living. Now it seems like everything takes priority over something else.