Political Games

August 6, 2012

I think all politicians are rich silver spooners who have no concept of what real life in America is.

Anyway, there are only a few topics i even care about – disability issues and the like. I think Medicare shouldn’t be expanded – if anything it should be decreased. There are far too many people on it that have no business being on it. This makes getting on it for those who really need to be on it harder than it should be. If i had my way i would review everyone who was on disability and then try and take out the unneeded.

In terms of ‘universal’ healthcare, it will never be universal. Those who are currently receiving private insurance will continue to do so but their premiums will increase along with their copays. Doctors that accept the new insurance will be less and less because the governmental reimbursement is so low. This will force the newly insured to pay out of pocket or go to a governmental doctor. The governmental doctors are likely going to be fresh out of medical school seeking experience or just mediocre.

So, in a sense nothing will change…except ‘taxes’ and an increase in rates. How about we elect no one and spend the next four years trying to fix this mess we are currently in? Id vote for casper.