September 5, 2012

Yesterday I was at the pool and there were several younger people talking (lower 20s) and one guy was talking about how he just moved to Austin and 72 hours later he had an apartment. But it isn’t any apartment. Its a new apartment for low income residents downtown. All green and they pay electricity. Apparently he got a 3 bedroom for 1,000 dollars and is thinking about renting a room out for 600. Normally a place like this would be 3 times what he is paying.

The thing is the guy wasn’t low income. He said they rented it to him because they “wanted someone normal to live there” Pathetic.

This is one reason I hate governmental social services.

Left v Right

September 3, 2012

I live in the blue dot in a red state and while normally I like it around election time its left v right. From my point of view the left is extremely defensive about everything and if you don’t think what they think you are ‘wrong’.

I am just ready for November 7th so this will be over and hopefully we will be celebrating our new president.