Doped up

December 17, 2012

I go to the doctor twice a year not because I “need” to but just to get my medicine refilled. I have noticed the past few times I’ve been to this new “doctor” which is really just his PA he asks about my medicine and if it helps. I always say I notice if I don’t take it and he is like “so it must be working?”

The answer is no. I feel the affects of the drugs. I mean I was diagnosed at 13 and have been taking the same medicines for virtually the whole time with the exclusion of Keppra that I have been on less than two years. So naturally your body gets accustomed to having it. Do I think the medicine helps? Absolutely not.

When I was a kid and first diagnosed, we took my medicine down really low and I didn’t do well. My muscles basically would lock up. That was many years ago.

So my point is I don’t think medicine will ever help or make my symptoms go away. Doctors just meet their sales quota and we ‘feel’ okay but its not really helping the condition. While I don’t take a lot mg wise my body has gotten accustomed to it and I will wake up if its been so long since I have taken it.

I take all three of these three or four times a day depending on how I “feel” .5mg clonazapham, 20 mg baclophin, and 750 mg of keppra. The medicines were likely misspelled.

So, yeah. The whole medicial industry is based on take this or do this and if it doesn’t work we will up the dose. The last time I went months ago I was like look, I know the liklihood of my dystonia going away is slim to none so I don’t want to keep increasing the doseage. Didn’t like that.

In my opionion specialists want to get published for making your life better and really thats all they want. So if your willing, they will pump you full of drugs and have surgeries. For me, I am tired of that. I am able to sustain how I am currently. As far as the future, who knows really. We will see I guess.

A Country Divided

December 8, 2012

A country united will stand but divided will fall. This became more evident recently when a treaty fell short of ratification for those with disabilities. Treaty Falls Short of Ratification

It is so obvious that it is R versus D in this instance and if things continue like this it is going to further divide the country. My political views are conservative for the most part but if “we” continue to boycott only what “we” want we are in for a tough road. Aren’t we supposed to be the most powerful and greatest country in the world? I have my doubts.

Please Tell Me This Is Rock Bottom

I really don’t care about politics or political agendas except for one thing: people with disabilities. It seems to me the world thinks that if they don’t have to deal with it or us then the problem doesn’t exist. Out of sight out of mind?

Thats really all I can say. We live in a sad world.