Is Sports Just A Game?

January 30, 2013

Lately bills as well as ‘immunity’ among professional athletes have been coming up and have been dismissed like its nothing.

Earlier this week, a congressman from Texas wrote a bill that proposed that Texas and Texas A&M play each other each year. Really? Isnt there more important things to propose?

Ray Lewis was convicted of obstruction of justice in a double murder where his clothes were never found that night and the victims family was paid ‘off’ by Lewis. He went to jail after the Super Bowl and was back for the next season.

The baseball steroids cases have been brought to congress numerous times over doping and lying. Lance Armstrong doped and many other cyclists did too. Congress was involved too.

Sure all of these instances cheated the sports and we (at least at the time) thought they were doing it legitimately.

When we find out they cheated wee. I mean, who cares? How is their cheating affecting me? Its not. But congress thinks they have say or something I guess. All it seems to me is they keep spending millions and millions of tax payers money to prove these athletes cheated.

So what? Why don’t the members of congress focus on real life issues?

Lucid Dream

January 22, 2013

A few nights ago I was watching Vanilla Sky on Netflix and while I have seen it before I didn’t remember much. In the movie there were several questions regarding ‘happy’ and the pursuit of happiness. Thats my plug for the movie. I remembered why I liked it then and why I like it now.

So, also on Netflix was a documentary called Happy. Honestly, I dozed off a lot but basically it was saying happiness is relative to activeness. Dopamine is released and it makes people feel happy.

From a person with dystonia we are lacking in dopamine and most of our medicines we take are called dopa responsive. I am not too versed in this but to my understanding lacking dopamine affects ones behavior and in some cases physical attributes.

So in Happy they talked a lot about physical activity..running, whatever and it seemed like something like after physical activity you are more happy because of the extra dopamine that has been released.

I can attest to that being true. As a long distance runner around mile seven or eight I feel like I am floating. And while I don’t feel really anything physically it doesn’t mean I am more happy. By the time I am back to my place I am back.

For nearly a year I was running hard core. Lots of miles, good speed but I slowly began to slack off to the point to where I was running like once a week. I have began to get back to where I was before and I do notice myself ‘ happier’

But am I really happy? And if so/not what is happy anyway? Sure you can measure it via dopamine but that doesn’t measure what is really going on.

To say or rather ask myself am I happy with my life at this moment I guess my answer would be I guess? I am happy that Jack and I are here. Yea, everything else that people use to determine being happy or successful isn’t important to me.

So, if you have Netflix watch ‘happy’, vanilla sky and life in a day. I am sure you can rent them too.

The brain is a funny thing.

No races are planned but I am thinking about doing a 10k in April. Its Texas’ largest one and my goal is a sub 38 just so I can be considered elite for the next year. If I can its fine. I just don’t like tens of thousands of people. If it were just me it’d be no problem. I always start upfront anyway…we will see. I am not even sold on that race.

Wrong Impressions

January 4, 2013

I have been wanting to write on this for awhile but I haven’t because I have had a mixture of emotions regarding the crime, people involved and the area of Texas.

In an extreme short version, a mentally slow guy was kidnapped in Longview, Texas by three “kids” in early December. They lured him into a vehicle, slit his throat and lit him on fire. You can read the article here:

Initially I wanted to get the story to national news but really its not my place. I mean if the national news isn’t smart enough to pick up on something like this what difference will me emailing them do? It would just be out of anger anyway.

So, the town I grew up in was the town that these “people” were from. The Jones’ kid involved in it is the son of a pastor of a church I went to until my early teens.

When I got word of the story, I was very angry and while I still am, Its more directed. A lot of people from Longview were asking for me to have compassion for all parties. I don’t have compassion for them. I instead feel sorry for them.

Crimes and injustice towards people with disabilities will always be a taboo subject in modern America and although we have the ADA and other rights we are pretty much left to fend for ourselves.

On the complete flip side, I watched an old movie, Sling Blade, last night. I remember when it came out. It is about a mentally slow person who was abused as a kid and when he was 12 or so he walked in on his mother and another man. He thought the man was hurting his mom but when she defended the man, he killed both of them and was sent to live in a mental institution.

I wonder if the recent murder were flipped to be a MR guy killing three young adults would the outcome and thoughts be different? I think so.

Another year

January 1, 2013

Its less than half an hour to 2013 and as I look back to the happenings of ’12, its kind of like meh.

I ran well early in the year and kept running up consistently until November when I realized there were more important things to worry about in life.

I grew a massive beard for a few months but after thanksgiving I tried trimming it. Well, lets just say lesson learned. Ill now go to a barber. Its coming back.

Obama got re elected which is unfortunate.

More than the things that happened or rather didnt in ’12 the thing I would most like for next year is to have a sense of purpose. I feel like I am in groundhog day.

By far my favorite movie was Bernie which is based on a town less than a hour where I am from.

Jack is still kicking it so that makes me happy. He sleeps later than I do…which is late. Yea, hes adapted.

And with eight minutes to spare, I am ready.

Oh, Texas won in the Alamo Bowl and the cowboys didnt make the playoffs. So that was a good end.

Later. See ya on the flip.