The other day I was doing a quick run and towards the end a girl passed me and then a guy. This was no ordinary guy though. I could smell his cologne as he passed me. He was wearing a two size at least too small spandex shirt and was likely the girls trainer. He could have been on Jersey Shore
Enough about the guy though. Less than100 yards after he passed me, he and the girl stopped in the middle of the trail and started high fiveing. I shook my head as I passed by them.

While I love running, I also enjoy seeing these people. I like to prove others wrong…to show that despite what is going on I am able to hang with most and that makes me happy. I don’t put on cologne. It does make for a good laugh though.


February 22, 2013

I really don’t like races and its mainly because of the huge amount of people. I do miss the crowds of people cheering though.

So, the Austin Marathon was Sunday. I volunteered Friday and saw the mass of people and decided the next afternoon if I was able to get up by 5am I would run it.

Well, I got up and ran it. I did much better than I had expected. For the last four or so months, I had only been running five miles several times a week.

Maybe it was my spur of the moment decision that didn’t allow me to over think the run..I don’t know. But I regained much confidence in my racing abilities.

I plan to do the same for the next races. I know there is a big ten miler and a huge 10k in the next two or so months.

I am just glad I woke up.


February 19, 2013

For those of us on disability or other “governmental” programs, they are nothing more than a way to keep you dependent on others and the government.

One can not possibly live off of what disability pays and if you make any amount above 80 dollars a month, a certain amount is taken out of the monthly disability check.

The “insurance” is a joke too. No specialists are covered so I have to pay out of pocket. Good thing I only go once every six months to just get my prescriptions refilled.

I do not like being dependent on the government or others for that matter. However, the way that the system is set up “we” will always be dependent on the government and others and that is sad.

Dream on, dream away

February 7, 2013

Real dreams like when your asleep not hopes and dreams.

Anyway, so for awhile at night I’ll dream stuff and then I’ll either love it or hate it. Either way, I have found myself waking up consistently at say the hours of 4am to 6am. If its something cool then I’ll try and go back but if its something really strange I am cool with knocking it out.

The crazy thing is all my dreams whether good or bad have a twist of real in them. Like Ive dreamed that I was playing poker in either some kind of restaurant or cafeteria (which I used to) but this was different.

Usually I will remember the basics of the dream. From what I know a dream is a mixture of reality and non reality. Ive had a mix of dreams as of late..some good some that scare the dickens (what is a dickens) out of you.

I am glad I am able to remember pieces though. Its makes more fun for the puzzle.