For over half my life I have had Dystonia it doesn’t really keep me from doing whatever I want. I guess having it for so long you just get used to it.

I wonder though if things would have been different when I was first diagnosed and the doctors immediately went to pills. I don’t really think the medicine helps me. I mean I am sure it does otherwise my arms and legs would be twisted up and I certainly wouldn’t be able to run like I do. For me, I think its more of the side effects of the pills say 60% side effects and 40% actually helping (if that)

I have described it as a lucid dream before. Its kind of like it takes the filters away and I really am just kind of here. It may be hard for some of you guys to know what I mean but many of you will know.

As long as big pharm companies sponsor disability specific conferences and they sell to the doctors this will always be the case. Its all about sales and we are the consumers.

I worked with Christian two summers at a camp in New Jersey. The camp was on the shore and near to NYC. We found common interests and hung out a lot. It was good times.

Today, I heard from another co worker he was found dead yesterday. Details are unknown but it really doesn’t matter either way.

The first time we hungout was the weekend before the campers arrived and several cars of people followed him to “the beach” once we got there, it was a nudist beach. Another time, at night several of us decided to go swimming in the pool. The next day we found out that during the day it was closed because a camper defected in the pool.

And probably one of my funniest memories is when he and I dressed up in “costumes” and there was one of those boards where you stuck your head out of and the campers threw sponges at us. The “concoction” as we called it, was made from old left over stuff from the kitchen and smelled horrid. The campers put the sponges in it and threw them at us. One of the campers ended up projectile vomiting. It took several showers to get that stitch off and the ground reeked of it for weeks.

The second year, I came in early and we went to the city for a few days and during a separate summer I was in the city for a trip and he came up to meet up.

There are plenty of others but needless to say they all were good.

Anyway, we had a lot of fun. Sad to hear about you going.