The World We Live In…

June 23, 2013

If one chooses not to work and they have below x dollars to their name they are eligible for

1. Nearly free housing (section 8) which in the bigger cities is new green apartments in popular areas.

2. Food stamps. Deepening on the size of the household they can get more money than one person. It isn’t really stamps either. Its like a debit card (at least in Texas) and you can get cash back and buy booze. Why not?

3. Free cell phones. If your eligible for the above your eligible for a free cell phone. The minutes are limited as is texting but hey its free!

The above don’t count against your income “requirements” either.

But say you have a medical condition that significantly impedes your ability to work and need to get on disability not for the above “services” but for the very very limited medical coverage you are subject to tests, meetings and background by questionable professionals.

Seems like “they” want you to be poor and willing to settle for the rest of your life. I mean why not? Its all virtually free. What. A. Joke.

Don’t believe me? Look on

The “system” is a joke. I hate being under the governments thumb.

I think the system should be broken into three classes:medicaid, medicare and disabled. Most people on “disability” are on medicaid because they haven’t worked for five full years..which is what is required to be on medicare.

While I don’t know how you are treated when you are on medicare, it has to be better than being on medicaid. When you go to the office or call in, the people you talk to talk to you like you are beneath them..trying to take advantage of the system.

I recently watched a documentary on Netflix called Lost Angeles. Its basically about people who are forced to live in Skid Row because the governmental assistance doesn’t allocate them enough. It puts things in perspective that’s for sure.

There is definitely more room to move on medicaid only if I could get on it.

What is odd is the hours at the office: 9-3.


June 2, 2013

Thanks to netflix, on demand and the internet now we are able to watch long tv series in a continual sequence. I enjoy watching them because more often than not I find myself in one or more of the characters.

My latest series is Mad Men . It took me a few weeks to get from episode one to current. Its definitely not my favorite but its alright.