In my opinion money ruins everything and I am tired of being one of its “accessories” As we all know politicians no matter what party are all “influenced” by lobbyists and those lobbyists are backed by big business (ie pharmaceuticals)

So X lobbyist who is lobbying for x pharmaceutical company with x millions of dollars to “donate” if what they want is passed or approved by the FDA.

So, why did I go on that rant? As a person who has been pushed pills or this surgical procedure from day 1 of my diagnosis to now it makes me really jaded.

I think doctors do whatever they can to keep you trying this new miracle cure or upping your dosage maybe because it may help you but more so because of the money that is to be made off of procedures and medications.

I remember going to this guy here who isn’t even a doctor he is a PA and he asked me “Do your medications help?” I was like I can tell if I don’t take them and he was like “So they are working” No. I can’t tell if its my body missing them or if its really helping. Granted I know my symptoms would be way worse if I wasn’t on anything but who is to know what is real and what isnt after being on these medicines for over half my life.

Its all about the money. I mean if I were a pill pusher I would be so happy to have a market that will virtually never go away. Well, not even a pharm company but a company like Metronic who does all of the hardware for deep brain stimulation.

While people are getting richer off of other peoples “sickness” the people like me are stuck in a hole with no way to get out. I like many people with disabilities rely on others or ssi/ssdi to pay for doctors visits etc etc and most if not all specialists do not take ssi/ssdi because the governmental reimbursement is too low.

There are varying forms of ssi/ssdi but for the type I am on if I make TWENTY dollars or more a month my monthly check will be less. They say they want us to get out and get a job but no, not really. The government just wants more people to be dependent on them.

The system is broken and it needs a lot of help. Do I think it will ever be fixed? No absolutely not. The government can justify spending tens of millions of dollars on a steroids trial where athletes play a kids game and get paid millions of dollars for “working” 6-8 months a year. What a joke.


i have been wanting to write this for sometime. It wasnt directed to any person or group but to give my perspective from over here.

Money: its good to have when you have it but when you don’t you gain a lot of perspective…or at least I do.

Sweet summer time

August 17, 2013

I am biased but I feel Texas is the best running state…except for a few months. From late June until early August temperatures hover around 100 and its not “dry heat”

So in years before, I have gotten up early to do my ten plus mile runs but this year I would rather sleep. My philosophy for this summer was before 9am 10 miles is ok, 930 7 miles and before 10 5 miles.

Ha today we had a cool front and the high was 95. I was able to run mid day for 5 miles. I think the heat builds our stamina. Like bring somewhere where its winter year around (san francisco) and I think there would be a issue. I remember last February for the Austin Marathon it started off (at 5 or 6 am) in the 40s but by the end it was in the 70s.

I am not one for training groups or running for a time but I hold my own. I never wear a watch. Anyway, so last years Austin race I decided the day before the race to do it. I hadnt done more than 5 miles for three months. The route was where I have ran before so that helped. Anyway, I would like to do it this year.

I wont even start training until say September but even so itll be moderate. I could do a half right now but the only race worth justifying is a full. I may tag along for some others (run it just not pay)