Swimming, Running, etc

November 17, 2013

This past summer I got into going to city ran pools. Two are fed by a natural aquifer and the temperature is always between 68 and 72 degrees. One is a lap pool 33 meters in length and has lanes with a concrete bottom. Its called Deep Eddy. The other is over 300 meters in length and it has a natural bottom. Its a cool place to go during the spring-fall. It has large hills and lots of areas for laying out. Its called Barton Springs Pool.

I recently found another pool that is heated by a hot spring. It has lanes and its concrete. Its chlorinated though so when they use more heat, they use more chlorine. Its called Big Stacy Pool.

All three of these pools are at most 5 miles away from me and are open year around. If they charge to swim it is only three dollars and it is only at Deep Eddy and Barton Springs but from the end of November to April its free. Big Stacy is always free.

I still run every other day too. Sometimes I’ll do a couple laps after I run or I will go on an off day from running. I’m not really too concerned about doing x miles a week. Now its more like I want to do x miles because I do.

I am kind of fond of the cooler untreated water.

Its pretty cool that Austin has a lot of athletic things to do for not much or any money.

Running For Me

November 3, 2013

I enjoy running but the sport I could take it or leave it. I run a lot but I am more of a zen runner than a runner with a specific plan for everyday. Zen running is just running to how you feel most comfortable – no watch just to run. There are books about it but I haven’t read any. I just feel like people become too consumed with their watch and to post what they did on social media. I don’t like the whole dog and pony show that running has become. If you can do it there is no need to brag about it. People will realize you are fast or whatever without you posting your workouts online.