I am certainly not one to cast morality on someone or say you can or can not say this and that but ever since the whole Duck Dynasty thing hit the “news” or rather social media it has become a subject that everyone seems to have an opinion on.

In my opinion the whole gay rights thing has become such a hot topic the last few years that whenever someone – especially celebrities – says something anti gay they are automatically bigots, hypocrites, ignorant mean spirited people. I think this is hardly the case in this situation.

However, when someone on their side says something “out of line” its never mentioned.

The magazine is known for “setting” their interviewees up. Its no secret Duck Dynasty’s beliefs. I mean even though the show is scripted at the end of every show the last scene is everyone having a meal and praying. Also, if you look on you tube at their talks they are all about their faith.

I was going to post some of the blogs and videos that I have seen this week but if I did it would just be continuing the misinformation.

If people get so fired up about such a small issue why don’t they get excited about things that are actually going on in this country or world for that matter that could be helped if the same media and social outcries happened.

During the Texas v Michigan State basketball game today, a CBS announcer used the phrase coined on the show “That’s a Fact Jack”. Who knows if it was just one of those things or if it was someone showing support.

Quack quack.


I have wondered what is the all mighty governments plan about disability benefits. Right now under the plan given to me, I am given less than what it takes to live on so I have to rely on others to “help”.

Every year the social security administration will call and ask the same questions. Why? I do not know. They have programs that tell them the answers. But they ask like in the past year have you been out of the country for more than 30 days? Really? How would i pay for it? Stupid. They also ask really really impractical questions.

My question that I have say in x years when I may get money will I be disqualified because I have too many sources of income? Or what happens when the money runs out? Why not screen everyone to see if they are truly disabled or just have no desire to work?

I feel like I live in the early century when people buried money because they did not trust the banks. Now for me its not the banks I don’t trust it is the government.

By the way, that show Doomsday Preppers is so funny. If things get as bad as the preppers think I would rather just live and let live instead of living in some bunker buried. Those people have too much money on their hands and have watched one too many episodes of walking dead.