Its strange how in Texas the racing season is from Oct to Feb or maybe a little longer. I mean we embrace the heat and despise the cold. Numerous times this winter the schools have closed not becasue of snow or ice but becase it was too cold. It does not make sense to have nothing during the summer..but I am not big racer anyway.

I started started swimming last March but not that consistantly until people stopped laying October? Anyway, I was running and then after the run I would swim a few laps. I found out I liked swimming and as it got cooler, I started swimming more and running less.

The races that I would have done were much like the weather in Texas. In November the day of the San Antonio marathon it was freezing and this weekend is the Austin Marathon and the high is supposed to be close to 80.

Last year, SA was warm and Austin was cool.

That being said, I am glad I have learned to enjoy something new.

“Snowed In”

February 8, 2014

Granted I live in Texas where the high during the “winter” is more often than not in the 40s and up but this winter, it has been cooler than normal. I can handle a mid 40 degree day at the pool but like today when the high was in the 30s, I wasn’t about to go swimming or running for that matter.

I can’t imagine how stir crazy I would be if I didn’t workout most days of the week. Being on disability feels a lot like I am stuck in these walls – no opportunity no real possibility of getting out even though I hate being on it. Working out has enabled me an escape…a way to establish goals, meet and pass goals and set new ones.

I have done well swimming and if you look at each month, I have swam March of last year to present..although I really started swimming after the swim season say Sept or Oct.

Thankfully its about to warm up. I have swam in mid 40s and up in a outdoor heated pool. You know its cool when the water is steaming because its much warmer than the air.

No “Good” Radio

February 4, 2014

I hear stats like everyday 75 to over a hundred people move here daily but the two sports talk radio stations that are here are bad..I mean really bad. They have no real content. They just talk about the same thing over and over: the new coach and what he is going to do. Stop. They might think they know what he may do but he is unproven. Maybe talk about the basketball team if you must talk Texas all the time? I only listen to local radio in the car. Thanks to the internet I can listen to far better stations.

With the influx for people I would think they would want to cater to all people..especially the new people.