I have been involved in sports..well, for a long time. I guess it started with running and I slowly built up my endurance and speed. I began doing races and by 2000 I did my first half marathon, the following year I did the same race.

I soon realized it wasn’t the race I enjoyed – it was the challenge to meet and exceed personal goals. I hated and still hate racing. Its more of a dog and pony show for me.

Up until this last year, I ran over a thousand miles a year.

Last summer, I started frequenting city pools and several of these pools are lap pools so slowly I got into swimming laps. So, much like running, I started off slowly. I was barely being able to do one length much less a lap but I enjoyed it so I kept at it.

Now, months later, I have two kick boards, I am on my third pair of fins and have built up my endurance to six plus days a week and today I passed my distance record – 5 miles in six days.

When I tell people I have done x distance swimming and they are like “ok” I think they think its like running/walking distance. Swimming distance is much different. Imagine swimming four 400m laps..like around a track. Much different.

Anyway, back to my running, at races and when I would run, people would say basically keep doing what you are doing you motivate me. The same thing has happened with swimming too.

I mean I guess if I motivate people by doing what I do then it is a success on my part. I like showing people that despite my physical stuff I am able to do whatever I set out to do.

Political Mess

March 10, 2014

Before I moved to Austin, I had my views and most of the people where I lived had the same or similar views. But once I moved, people have views all over the map and I have found myself more “knowledgeable” in the political area. While my views have not changed I think it becomes more of a requirement to have some sort of knowledge in the area of political games.

No matter the party or affiliation, we are just pawns when they need a vote.

I have noticed that more often than not after people are diagnosed with a disability of any type, they always seem to blame the disability on everything. I think if they really want to do something they will find a way to make it happen.
Then again, I don’t take much credence in doctors or the like. I have found they try to make you feel you need them more than you really do so they can try to push new medicines and procedures on you. While I could try new things, I don’t want to. I just want to maintain where I am. There is too much “Hollywood” in the medical community.