March 14, 2015

The initial concept to my understanding  was to get a large number of independent bands that are wanting to be signed to play and well, hopefully get signed.

 Now, it is technology, music and film. I do my best to avoid it. People worldwide come too. Celebrity sightings are all over downtown. 

I am not really into music and movies are okay I guess but I don’t care enough to pay crazy amounts to park and find “free” events. 

To get into the badge only events, you have to pay over 1,000 dollars to 75 depening on the duration and what events its for. However, most of the events have free everything from sponsors stuff to booze and food. 

I would rather look at pictures than deal with that scene. 

Working on my Fitness

March 7, 2015

I am out and ”working” out say 28-31 days out of a 31 day month. Honestly, unless it is raining so heavily that I can not get to the place or its too cold for it to be open I am usually doing what I do.

During the summer (Mid March – October) I can go an entire month or months in a row without taking a day off.

I flipped from running to swimming over a year ago and haven’t looked back. Its the same basic movement but with swimming its more core centered and your breathing is different. Its basically like getting on a workout machine with the resistance all the way up.

Last year, the coldest I swam was like 42 in a heated outdoor pool. Granted that was cold, but this year is way more. I have swam when it was 33 outside in a heated pool and in the 40s numerous times.

Now, when its in the 50’s and sunny, I just go to the spring fed pool. The water is around 68 year around.

I don’t go because I need to. I am far from obese. I go because I enjoy it and it gives me something to look forward to everyday.

At one of the pools (the heated one) the guards are always complaining as I pass by them. They only get 8.50 an hour but they just sit in the stand for 20 minute shifts with sweats on. Pretty easy if you ask me.

The other day, one of the guards was talking about the cold and was something like yeah, if I am off I would come here to swim but not when it is x degrees cold.

Its funny to listen to other peoples opinions.

After tomorrow (Sat) we have a week before the winter pool season is over. I like it because there is more to look at but there will not be any more lanes to yourself I don’t mind though.

Card Tricks

March 4, 2015

— If you haven’t watched House of Cards season 3 yet I might spoil it in this —

In seasons one and two every episode left you wanting more which made me watch mass episodes in a row. Season three however was not even close.

It didn’t even start to get to the ”I have to see the next episode” until episode 10/13. It was very predictable and I think it should have ended at season two now that I have watched three.

I just finished season three and didn’t even realize it. I watched the last episode earlier and I just now thought I was going to watch the final episode or close to it but no it was over.

I remember shows like Dexter, Oz, Boardwalk Empire and others kept you binging for weeks but this last season left me disappointed.

I have rather easily came to the conclusion that if┬áHouse of Cards was real life, I think Kevin Spacey could contend with Obama in being the most ”I do what I want” president.