in the 08 and ’12 for the most part the campaign was all about universal healthcare, which to this day has so many changes etc to it that its not even remotely the same concept that got Obama elected. 

In ’16, the topic is going to be the whole gay trend of the day and womens wages. The whole gay trend plays to the Democratic party well,because if you don’t agree with anything and everything you are automatically a hypocrite and a bigot. Most Republicans don’t agree with it. What happened to having our own opinions? Oh wait. 

Regarding the equal pay  issue…how many women engineers or computer scientists are there compared to males? On the low end, what is the male to female teachers ratio? 

On heathcare, I went to blue cross, and it was way easier I will give it that. All that was asked was my date of birth and my age. I was then given say ten plans to pick from. The cheapest was 85 and the most expensive was 2,000 a month. The deductible for the cheapest was $20k and for the most expensive, a few hundred. So you may be insured but you are likely to be paying out of pocket no matter what. 

What happened to the Consitutition anyway? I did not know the Supreme Court could create laws out of the air.  

Swimming Goal…Met

June 24, 2015

Right after it started warming up, I set my weekly goal for swimming at ten miles. When I made it, I hoped to have it done by July or August. Last year, I topped off at 8.5.

Anyway, a month ago I did the ten and the following week I did as well. It was six days at 1.5 miles and a day of 1. 

Since, I have decided to alternate because it wore me out. So, a week of ten then a week of 7-8.