On a nearly eight year stop, the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation decided to have another symposium. It used to be every other year and then nothing. 

My first time to attend one of these was one of my best weekends I can recall. As the years went on, I still went. It was the same people for the most part and the same content from the speakers. 

It came to the point to where I was like ok I will know what they are going to say, do I want to go and see the people? The last time I went it was like the people I have known were in this transition period and now have gone through at least one or two more. So who knows who will show up? Likely a lot of young families but beyond that I don’t know.

As for my apperance, it is highly doubtful. I don’t think I can justify spending a grand on travel, loding and food for a weekend to hear doctors trying to sell naive families on how they can cure your kid or make them more “normal”. 

Its a shame for the DMRF too though because it is donor driven so as the older people die off they need people to replace them..who feel wanted from the DMRF but unless you are a pseudo celebrity your voice isn’t heard. 
But hey, good for them starting it up again. Maybe its not too far gone from the last time.