May 26, 2016

Baseball is really the sport of America. 

I remember when I was a young kid and before you even practiced or got on a team, all of the kids (I think) got to go out on the field and the coaches gathered around to decide on who to pick for their team.

This is coming from the memory when I was say 6 or 7 so it could be different. I remember being picked last and the coach saying yeah I guess we will take him.

I hope it still isn’t like that.

I was stuck in left field and rarely got a ball hit to me. During practice I would get so bored that I would take my glove off and then the coach would hit the ball out to me. 

I also remember at some baseball tournament I was in the dugout and the coach started yelling at me or something like that and my  dad saw it. I remember he had some words with the coach and I am pretty sure I didn’t play anymore. 

That man and all of the coaches for that matter were not nice men (even though “nice” is subjective) and in all likelihood are dead or close to don’t feel bad. 

It was in a tiny town in NW Louisiana where the oil field was the business of the town. We moved from there in the winter break of my sixth grade year to Texas. 

Then, the only baseball we would get on TV was the Braves so I became a Braves fan. When I got older, we got season tickets to the Shreveport Captains, a minor league team who had ties with the Texas Rangers. I got all their autographs. 

When we moved to Texas we would go to Ramgers games. I had seen some of the players in the minor leagues…like Will Clark. 

I still watch baseball now and most other major sports.