End of the “Summer”

September 8, 2016

For me 9/2 may be the end of summer but for me it is the start. 

Since late February or early March the pools I frequent daily have been flooded with oblivious kids, transients, and people who stand in the water without moving and complain how cold it is.

Since school started and football games are on attendence is way lower and its great. I will not get tired of hearing lifeguards blowing their whistles saying “no running” “floats are only allowed on this or that end of the pool” “no gainers”   etc. Those are the most frequent I hear from the guards.

.I will not miss from the summer people “It is freezing” and their bluetooth speakers, huge Johnny Manziel swan blow up floaties, bascially everything else they do too. 

I will miss their conversations I ease drop on after I swim and am laying out about “Oh Bro I am so hungover. How you feeling?” Well, maybe..yes I won’t miss that. The coeds for sure although they tend to come more that not as many people are going. 

Basically now until February is the regulars time. Sept – Nov more so where Dec – Jan its sporatic. Now I can do laps and not play frogger. 

In a few months I will be ready for the people to come back though. Hey not many places have a nine month summer or for some of us a twelve month summer.