…Not all of Austin just where I swim.

 As I have talked about in numerous posts, there is a 1/8 mile in length pool right downtown. I go there most days in the summer and in the winter when it is warm enough. 

This is my fourth year of going year around and I have noticed its the same people everyday no matter the season. They just come there say around noon and stay until dark. Everyday.

I go to workout and layout but I am only there for say 1-3 hours as opposed to the others. The demographics varies but the retirees stick together and then the rest of us have the rest.

 I’d say  the group I am thinking of ranges from 20s-40s. They are all a golden hue too. They either must have money or live in a rental with many roomates. Its like I am an observer of a 2016 hippie commune. 

Maybe America won’t look like Austin because Austin is pretty great but its almost a certainty that the majority of the patrons are Bernie supporters. 

Its just a shame they are waisting their lives napping and talking about herbal suppliments everyday. Its one thing to not be able to work but to choose not to work…that is what really bothers me about people. 

Lately there have been a few older guys who sit at the top and talk loudly saying things Trump would say. Its funny to see the people look at them and give them dirty looks. 

Its A Dog’s Life…

September 9, 2014

In most cities pets are considered part of the family but when they get sick or old people euthanize them.

Some people treat them just like humans. They take them everywhere and when they “put” the animal down, they ask for sympathy. Ha, I am pretty sure you are the one who just paid to have your animal “put down”.

The animal has no choice and I am pretty sure they were right by your side when you have been sick. But you can’t do the same for them?

If you want to “put down” your animal feel free but I am not going to give you any sympathy.

I was going to post this in a more public place but I would offend more people than not I am afraid.

Speaking of pets, my dog Jack, is doing fine. He is just lazy as always.

Living the Dream?

September 5, 2014

Sometimes when I am around a big group of people and say two people are talking and one person says to the other what have you been up to? The other person says sometimes “just living the dream.” The phrase was made popular from the 90’s movie Dazed and Confused about some recent high school graduates and a much older graduate who used the phrase.

I know for a fact that I am not “living the dream” and I am pretty sure most of the people using that saying are like the guy in the video.

While I enjoy where I live and what it offers it isn’t exactly where I thought I would be at this point in my life and honestly, I never really thought much about it. I don’t think I ever had a dream job or something that I wanted to do. Maybe I did? Maybe it has been forgotten All I remember is enjoying writing and well I still do that so I guess I am living the dream?


The Problem.

June 5, 2014

This explains itself. Give it a listen.



I think we need to make governmental benefits solely for people who are unable to work or have difficulty finding work. People like this person gives people who need benefits a bad name.


May 30, 2014

Yesterday I was in the grocery line and the guy ahead of me was talking to the cashier saying that on Sunday he was working at a house and found a wallet and in it was several thousand dollars. He said that he turned the wallet into the homeowner. The cashier asked Did you get a reward”? The guy was like no instant karma though.

He is a handyman or what he told the cashier at this multimillion dollar house.

There are so many people here and really in the world I guess that subscribe to the whole karma thing. I think it is a joke. Do ”good” and ”good” will happen to you. Hardly. Why not just try and do what is right instead of worrying if the karma gods are out to get you or when they are going to pay you back? Besides, who decides what is ”good” anyway?

To me its just people’s justification for their lives. Oh, it was karma because of this or that.



I was diagnosed with dystonia when I was 13 but I wasn’t classified as “disabled” until decades later.

You see, in order to get on disability you have to get tested to prove you are disabled in governmental setup places (that were dilapidated to say the least) and once they say okay you are disabled they then give you all kinds of stipulations (can’t have more than x money in your banking account, etc, etc but they let you have a car…thanks).

Looking back, I don’t know if it is worth it. You get free medicine but generic medicine is $4 so thanks? and free er visits but I don’t want to waste tax dollars just because I can. I could also qualify for food stamps – which is called something that doesn’t make it sound so “needy” but I again don’t. They allow you a free eye exam every two years and a pair of glasses.

The last glasses I got are the cheapest of the cheap. Like the paint started falling off in months and within a year my lenses were all scratched. I know this because I bought a pair of legitimate glasses not long ago and they pointed out the flaws.

The “insurance” does not pay for my neurologist so I have to pay out of pocket for my yearly visit to get my prescriptions refilled.

The worst thing about being on disability is that the government has their prying eyes on everything you claim (banking account information, where you live and with whom, what your monthly bills are) and they do a follow up phone call every year to make sure everything is the same but they do monthly computerized checks on your account balance.

Some people are glad to be on disability. I am not. Maybe if you were given enough money to live on without some outside help but no. Instead the government spends millions of dollars on sports lawsuits, trying to find a missing airplane in the middle of the ocean and tons of other things.

Fifteen Minutes?

April 9, 2014

I see my neurologist once a year just to get my prescriptions refilled. Nothing more, nothing less. From the beginning years ago, I had six month appointments but my last visit I got it switched to yearly visits.

Based on previous visits I wasn’t looking forward to this one and I rescheduled twice – both later. Anyway, I got there and was out the door with my prescriptions in hand fifteen minutes later. Literally. Oh, and because they don’t take governmental insurance I pay out of pocket – so $130 for 15 minutes. So, they value their “services” at over 500 an hour. Joke.

They used to try and sell me on trying botox or other treatments and I always said no and that I want to just maintain how I am now. At least this time they didn’t try to.

I have written a few blogs on these guys before as well as a business review. Maybe they have seen them? Doubtful. Seems like they have too good of a good thing going to care about the people they are working for.

Health “care” .gov

April 1, 2014

I don’t know about you, but personally I am tired of seeing people on social media say “Thanks Obama for ObamaCare” or the  ACA. I am all for universal health, but making people pay for it and penalizing them for not signing up  doesn’t make much if any sense.

It is going to make more public practitioners go private  but then what doctor takes governmental insurance anyway? Not many that’s for sure and if they do, its not advertised. Doctors don’t take governmental insurance because the reimbursement is so low.

Private companies can be charged many times more so it leaves people who need to see a doctor more than likely paying out of pocket unless they go to the ER or a clinic.

It’s a joke and has been made a joke of. More older people have signed up and in an effort to make a push Obama has put commercials throughout the NCAA tournament trying to appeal to the younger demographic.

This is a satire of it on this past Saturday’s SNL.

On the last preliminary election ballot there was an option to repeal ObamaCare. It won with 97%. I wonder how it will do in November and what will happen.

There have been a lot of articles, news stories and other things saying why this ”plan” will not only hurt the medical industry but also the economy for years to come.

It is just a step up from Medicaid and that is only because people are paying for it.

It is going to be an endless cycle of revisions depending on who is in office. I just hope they drop the term Obama Care and make the ACA the name. I wouldn’t want Obama on the name of my ”plan”.

I have been involved in sports..well, for a long time. I guess it started with running and I slowly built up my endurance and speed. I began doing races and by 2000 I did my first half marathon, the following year I did the same race.

I soon realized it wasn’t the race I enjoyed – it was the challenge to meet and exceed personal goals. I hated and still hate racing. Its more of a dog and pony show for me.

Up until this last year, I ran over a thousand miles a year.

Last summer, I started frequenting city pools and several of these pools are lap pools so slowly I got into swimming laps. So, much like running, I started off slowly. I was barely being able to do one length much less a lap but I enjoyed it so I kept at it.

Now, months later, I have two kick boards, I am on my third pair of fins and have built up my endurance to six plus days a week and today I passed my distance record – 5 miles in six days.

When I tell people I have done x distance swimming and they are like “ok” I think they think its like running/walking distance. Swimming distance is much different. Imagine swimming four 400m laps..like around a track. Much different.

Anyway, back to my running, at races and when I would run, people would say basically keep doing what you are doing you motivate me. The same thing has happened with swimming too.

I mean I guess if I motivate people by doing what I do then it is a success on my part. I like showing people that despite my physical stuff I am able to do whatever I set out to do.

“Snowed In”

February 8, 2014

Granted I live in Texas where the high during the “winter” is more often than not in the 40s and up but this winter, it has been cooler than normal. I can handle a mid 40 degree day at the pool but like today when the high was in the 30s, I wasn’t about to go swimming or running for that matter.

I can’t imagine how stir crazy I would be if I didn’t workout most days of the week. Being on disability feels a lot like I am stuck in these walls – no opportunity no real possibility of getting out even though I hate being on it. Working out has enabled me an escape…a way to establish goals, meet and pass goals and set new ones.

I have done well swimming and if you look at each month, I have swam March of last year to present..although I really started swimming after the swim season say Sept or Oct.

Thankfully its about to warm up. I have swam in mid 40s and up in a outdoor heated pool. You know its cool when the water is steaming because its much warmer than the air.