…Not all of Austin just where I swim.

 As I have talked about in numerous posts, there is a 1/8 mile in length pool right downtown. I go there most days in the summer and in the winter when it is warm enough. 

This is my fourth year of going year around and I have noticed its the same people everyday no matter the season. They just come there say around noon and stay until dark. Everyday.

I go to workout and layout but I am only there for say 1-3 hours as opposed to the others. The demographics varies but the retirees stick together and then the rest of us have the rest.

 I’d say  the group I am thinking of ranges from 20s-40s. They are all a golden hue too. They either must have money or live in a rental with many roomates. Its like I am an observer of a 2016 hippie commune. 

Maybe America won’t look like Austin because Austin is pretty great but its almost a certainty that the majority of the patrons are Bernie supporters. 

Its just a shame they are waisting their lives napping and talking about herbal suppliments everyday. Its one thing to not be able to work but to choose not to work…that is what really bothers me about people. 

Lately there have been a few older guys who sit at the top and talk loudly saying things Trump would say. Its funny to see the people look at them and give them dirty looks. 

Dystonia Advocacy Day

April 15, 2015

Every year around this time, people affected with dystonia and other members of the dystonia community go to DC to meet with various state elected officials. 

I have been a part of this several times years ago. I guess I was jaded by the possibility of meeting a senator etc to think that we were making a difference. 

I now have a large distrust of politicians and I honestly think that this event is more for pr than anything. I have met at least five elected officals, we had our pictures taken and in some cases they were published.

The foundation picks very expensive hotels in DC for meetings and for the group to stay in..so expensive that it limits those who can afford to go. From my past experiences, 90% are over retired age. 

It has been at least five years since I have been and yet I know what they will likely be told to say. Nothing changed when I went the first time I went to the last time and I am pretty sure its the same this year too. 

I had fun going when I went but the fun wasn’t meeting the politicians or rather their aids. The fun was meeting and hanging out with others in the dystonia community. 

While the foundation has these events yearly, their large bi-annual kid and adult symposiums have stopped because of “lack of funding”. The symposiums are geared more to information for newly diagnosed or those seeking new treatments. 

What I really enjoyed about the symposiums was hanging out with people with dystonia and parents of young kids to be like hey I made it out with it and you shouldn’t expect any less for your kids. I think that is more important than meeting with some elitists aids for 15 minutes max. 


November 21, 2014

I know no matter how much we spend on border security and the like there will always be illegals sneaking in. But granting them amnesty is a bit much.

They probably do the jobs most people wouldn’t for little pay but they are getting/will get governmental benefits many of us had to hire lawyers to get.

It doesn’t make sense. Neither does any of the  current administration for that matter. I think the November mid term elections were proof that many real Americans feel the same way.  I saw earlier Obama’s approval rating dropped to 36 percent this week.

Where are those 36 percent? Probably crossing the border as we speak or rather type/read.

Today Was A Good Day

November 5, 2014

I live among a lot of extreme liberals and to say extreme is not an overstatement. I am not one of these at all.

Most people here assume you are one of them politically speaking without saying anything and I generally don’t say anything.

So Abbott and Dewhurst won. They were both projected to win by double digits so you would think that people would be prepared apparently not.

Now the Republicans have both the House and the Senate majority and that makes me happy. I think it shows how America sees the current administration.

While I think all politicians aren’t in it for the normal people, it is nice to see such a slap in the face of the Democratic party.

The Problem.

June 5, 2014

This explains itself. Give it a listen.



I think we need to make governmental benefits solely for people who are unable to work or have difficulty finding work. People like this person gives people who need benefits a bad name.

Abbott For Governor

April 24, 2014

I think ALL politicians just care about the people when the election is coming around and the governmental election is no difference. I am voting for Abbott not because he is disabled but because he is the polar opposite of his opponent, Wendy Davis.

Some people say he has changed some programs for the disabled. So? Just because he is in a wheelchair and has a disability he should give an overabundance to the disabled? Giving and spending has gotten us into our current situation.

I saw that instead of giving stickers away, he is charging $10 for one. Come on Abbott no need to be greedy. You already have a 3:1 or more donation margin on Davis.

Health “care” .gov

April 1, 2014

I don’t know about you, but personally I am tired of seeing people on social media say “Thanks Obama for ObamaCare” or the  ACA. I am all for universal health, but making people pay for it and penalizing them for not signing up  doesn’t make much if any sense.

It is going to make more public practitioners go private  but then what doctor takes governmental insurance anyway? Not many that’s for sure and if they do, its not advertised. Doctors don’t take governmental insurance because the reimbursement is so low.

Private companies can be charged many times more so it leaves people who need to see a doctor more than likely paying out of pocket unless they go to the ER or a clinic.

It’s a joke and has been made a joke of. More older people have signed up and in an effort to make a push Obama has put commercials throughout the NCAA tournament trying to appeal to the younger demographic.

This is a satire of it on this past Saturday’s SNL.

On the last preliminary election ballot there was an option to repeal ObamaCare. It won with 97%. I wonder how it will do in November and what will happen.

There have been a lot of articles, news stories and other things saying why this ”plan” will not only hurt the medical industry but also the economy for years to come.

It is just a step up from Medicaid and that is only because people are paying for it.

It is going to be an endless cycle of revisions depending on who is in office. I just hope they drop the term Obama Care and make the ACA the name. I wouldn’t want Obama on the name of my ”plan”.

Political Mess

March 10, 2014

Before I moved to Austin, I had my views and most of the people where I lived had the same or similar views. But once I moved, people have views all over the map and I have found myself more “knowledgeable” in the political area. While my views have not changed I think it becomes more of a requirement to have some sort of knowledge in the area of political games.

No matter the party or affiliation, we are just pawns when they need a vote.

In my opinion money ruins everything and I am tired of being one of its “accessories” As we all know politicians no matter what party are all “influenced” by lobbyists and those lobbyists are backed by big business (ie pharmaceuticals)

So X lobbyist who is lobbying for x pharmaceutical company with x millions of dollars to “donate” if what they want is passed or approved by the FDA.

So, why did I go on that rant? As a person who has been pushed pills or this surgical procedure from day 1 of my diagnosis to now it makes me really jaded.

I think doctors do whatever they can to keep you trying this new miracle cure or upping your dosage maybe because it may help you but more so because of the money that is to be made off of procedures and medications.

I remember going to this guy here who isn’t even a doctor he is a PA and he asked me “Do your medications help?” I was like I can tell if I don’t take them and he was like “So they are working” No. I can’t tell if its my body missing them or if its really helping. Granted I know my symptoms would be way worse if I wasn’t on anything but who is to know what is real and what isnt after being on these medicines for over half my life.

Its all about the money. I mean if I were a pill pusher I would be so happy to have a market that will virtually never go away. Well, not even a pharm company but a company like Metronic who does all of the hardware for deep brain stimulation.

While people are getting richer off of other peoples “sickness” the people like me are stuck in a hole with no way to get out. I like many people with disabilities rely on others or ssi/ssdi to pay for doctors visits etc etc and most if not all specialists do not take ssi/ssdi because the governmental reimbursement is too low.

There are varying forms of ssi/ssdi but for the type I am on if I make TWENTY dollars or more a month my monthly check will be less. They say they want us to get out and get a job but no, not really. The government just wants more people to be dependent on them.

The system is broken and it needs a lot of help. Do I think it will ever be fixed? No absolutely not. The government can justify spending tens of millions of dollars on a steroids trial where athletes play a kids game and get paid millions of dollars for “working” 6-8 months a year. What a joke.


i have been wanting to write this for sometime. It wasnt directed to any person or group but to give my perspective from over here.

Money: its good to have when you have it but when you don’t you gain a lot of perspective…or at least I do.

Political Agendas

July 15, 2013

I voted for Mitt. I realize he might not have been the best guy but at least he had a plan and how to make it happen. I find it funny that Obama postponed “Obamacare” because 1. Companies were cutting full time employees to part time so they wont have to pay their insurance. 2. Insurance costs were going up in anticipation of it. Now it is even in question if it will even be enacted.

In my opinion, all he has done is made broken promises. I mean universal healthcare is the only thing that got him elected…but what does he have to lose? Nothing.

I am also pleased with the Zimmerman verdict and the Rick Perry abortion bill passing. I think Perry is an extreme conservative that has caused Texas to be last in many categories but I do agree with this bill.

Living in a blue dot in a red state its hard to see anything but extreme liberals trying to push their agendas. Anyway, I am pleased to see the outcomes of late. There is no doubt there will be hopes from losing parties to gain something back but that is influenced a lot by the media.