End of the “Summer”

September 8, 2016

For me 9/2 may be the end of summer but for me it is the start. 

Since late February or early March the pools I frequent daily have been flooded with oblivious kids, transients, and people who stand in the water without moving and complain how cold it is.

Since school started and football games are on attendence is way lower and its great. I will not get tired of hearing lifeguards blowing their whistles saying “no running” “floats are only allowed on this or that end of the pool” “no gainers”   etc. Those are the most frequent I hear from the guards.

.I will not miss from the summer people “It is freezing” and their bluetooth speakers, huge Johnny Manziel swan blow up floaties, bascially everything else they do too. 

I will miss their conversations I ease drop on after I swim and am laying out about “Oh Bro I am so hungover. How you feeling?” Well, maybe..yes I won’t miss that. The coeds for sure although they tend to come more that not as many people are going. 

Basically now until February is the regulars time. Sept – Nov more so where Dec – Jan its sporatic. Now I can do laps and not play frogger. 

In a few months I will be ready for the people to come back though. Hey not many places have a nine month summer or for some of us a twelve month summer.  

…Not all of Austin just where I swim.

 As I have talked about in numerous posts, there is a 1/8 mile in length pool right downtown. I go there most days in the summer and in the winter when it is warm enough. 

This is my fourth year of going year around and I have noticed its the same people everyday no matter the season. They just come there say around noon and stay until dark. Everyday.

I go to workout and layout but I am only there for say 1-3 hours as opposed to the others. The demographics varies but the retirees stick together and then the rest of us have the rest.

 I’d say  the group I am thinking of ranges from 20s-40s. They are all a golden hue too. They either must have money or live in a rental with many roomates. Its like I am an observer of a 2016 hippie commune. 

Maybe America won’t look like Austin because Austin is pretty great but its almost a certainty that the majority of the patrons are Bernie supporters. 

Its just a shame they are waisting their lives napping and talking about herbal suppliments everyday. Its one thing to not be able to work but to choose not to work…that is what really bothers me about people. 

Lately there have been a few older guys who sit at the top and talk loudly saying things Trump would say. Its funny to see the people look at them and give them dirty looks. 

The Problem.

June 5, 2014

This explains itself. Give it a listen.



I think we need to make governmental benefits solely for people who are unable to work or have difficulty finding work. People like this person gives people who need benefits a bad name.

Fifteen Minutes?

April 9, 2014

I see my neurologist once a year just to get my prescriptions refilled. Nothing more, nothing less. From the beginning years ago, I had six month appointments but my last visit I got it switched to yearly visits.

Based on previous visits I wasn’t looking forward to this one and I rescheduled twice – both later. Anyway, I got there and was out the door with my prescriptions in hand fifteen minutes later. Literally. Oh, and because they don’t take governmental insurance I pay out of pocket – so $130 for 15 minutes. So, they value their “services” at over 500 an hour. Joke.

They used to try and sell me on trying botox or other treatments and I always said no and that I want to just maintain how I am now. At least this time they didn’t try to.

I have written a few blogs on these guys before as well as a business review. Maybe they have seen them? Doubtful. Seems like they have too good of a good thing going to care about the people they are working for.

I have been involved in sports..well, for a long time. I guess it started with running and I slowly built up my endurance and speed. I began doing races and by 2000 I did my first half marathon, the following year I did the same race.

I soon realized it wasn’t the race I enjoyed – it was the challenge to meet and exceed personal goals. I hated and still hate racing. Its more of a dog and pony show for me.

Up until this last year, I ran over a thousand miles a year.

Last summer, I started frequenting city pools and several of these pools are lap pools so slowly I got into swimming laps. So, much like running, I started off slowly. I was barely being able to do one length much less a lap but I enjoyed it so I kept at it.

Now, months later, I have two kick boards, I am on my third pair of fins and have built up my endurance to six plus days a week and today I passed my distance record – 5 miles in six days.

When I tell people I have done x distance swimming and they are like “ok” I think they think its like running/walking distance. Swimming distance is much different. Imagine swimming four 400m laps..like around a track. Much different.

Anyway, back to my running, at races and when I would run, people would say basically keep doing what you are doing you motivate me. The same thing has happened with swimming too.

I mean I guess if I motivate people by doing what I do then it is a success on my part. I like showing people that despite my physical stuff I am able to do whatever I set out to do.

No “Good” Radio

February 4, 2014

I hear stats like everyday 75 to over a hundred people move here daily but the two sports talk radio stations that are here are bad..I mean really bad. They have no real content. They just talk about the same thing over and over: the new coach and what he is going to do. Stop. They might think they know what he may do but he is unproven. Maybe talk about the basketball team if you must talk Texas all the time? I only listen to local radio in the car. Thanks to the internet I can listen to far better stations.

With the influx for people I would think they would want to cater to all people..especially the new people.

Swimming, Running, etc

November 17, 2013

This past summer I got into going to city ran pools. Two are fed by a natural aquifer and the temperature is always between 68 and 72 degrees. One is a lap pool 33 meters in length and has lanes with a concrete bottom. Its called Deep Eddy. The other is over 300 meters in length and it has a natural bottom. Its a cool place to go during the spring-fall. It has large hills and lots of areas for laying out. Its called Barton Springs Pool.

I recently found another pool that is heated by a hot spring. It has lanes and its concrete. Its chlorinated though so when they use more heat, they use more chlorine. Its called Big Stacy Pool.

All three of these pools are at most 5 miles away from me and are open year around. If they charge to swim it is only three dollars and it is only at Deep Eddy and Barton Springs but from the end of November to April its free. Big Stacy is always free.

I still run every other day too. Sometimes I’ll do a couple laps after I run or I will go on an off day from running. I’m not really too concerned about doing x miles a week. Now its more like I want to do x miles because I do.

I am kind of fond of the cooler untreated water.

Its pretty cool that Austin has a lot of athletic things to do for not much or any money.

Sweet summer time

August 17, 2013

I am biased but I feel Texas is the best running state…except for a few months. From late June until early August temperatures hover around 100 and its not “dry heat”

So in years before, I have gotten up early to do my ten plus mile runs but this year I would rather sleep. My philosophy for this summer was before 9am 10 miles is ok, 930 7 miles and before 10 5 miles.

Ha today we had a cool front and the high was 95. I was able to run mid day for 5 miles. I think the heat builds our stamina. Like bring somewhere where its winter year around (san francisco) and I think there would be a issue. I remember last February for the Austin Marathon it started off (at 5 or 6 am) in the 40s but by the end it was in the 70s.

I am not one for training groups or running for a time but I hold my own. I never wear a watch. Anyway, so last years Austin race I decided the day before the race to do it. I hadnt done more than 5 miles for three months. The route was where I have ran before so that helped. Anyway, I would like to do it this year.

I wont even start training until say September but even so itll be moderate. I could do a half right now but the only race worth justifying is a full. I may tag along for some others (run it just not pay)

Boston 2013

April 19, 2013

Monday right after the bombs went off I was glued to the TV. I was left like many people wondering why. I think all of the things that have happened over the past two decades in the US it is showing how we aren’t an ‘elite’ country.

As soon as the story hit mainstream media, people from experts to the average person was saying how it is a act of terror. People are too fast to jump to conclusions.

Running has never been truly considered a sport in mainstream media and I think that this event kind of put it back on the map.

In Austin, there is a huge running community and tonight there was a vigil/run at the popular running trail parking lot. I saw a lot of people wearing their Boston jackets and medals from Mondays race and other Boston Marathons from years past. It was something I have never experienced before. In front of me there was a group who had completed the race and they were crying. I guess that is when it became real for me. The running community nationwide has embraced this as a way of support.

I am proud to be a part of this group.

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.



February 22, 2013

I really don’t like races and its mainly because of the huge amount of people. I do miss the crowds of people cheering though.

So, the Austin Marathon was Sunday. I volunteered Friday and saw the mass of people and decided the next afternoon if I was able to get up by 5am I would run it.

Well, I got up and ran it. I did much better than I had expected. For the last four or so months, I had only been running five miles several times a week.

Maybe it was my spur of the moment decision that didn’t allow me to over think the run..I don’t know. But I regained much confidence in my racing abilities.

I plan to do the same for the next races. I know there is a big ten miler and a huge 10k in the next two or so months.

I am just glad I woke up.