When I started watching poker on TV and I saw Phil Hellmuth I thought he was a bad loser because the way he acts when he gets beat.  I know realize that he is just passionate about the game. He is an 11 time WSOP champion so I would assume he would expect others to play well and when they don’t he ‘blows up.’

I recently learned that he has a sister who participates in Special Olympics and he is a huge supporter of her. In October there is a fundraiser in San Antonio hosted by Eva Longoria and  Tony Parker to benefit those with disabilities. Phil is the mc for the event.

I respect Phil more now that I know there is more behind his ‘Poker Brat’ persona. Hopefully I will be able to play in the fundraiser. Not only will Phil be there but there will also be celebrities and poker pros.

The following are a few of his tweets:

Heading to Lincoln, Nebraska to give serious support to my sister Ann in “Special Olympics National Games.” She swimming everyday, go Ann!

Hello “Special Olympics,” hello Lincoln, Nebraska! Sister Ann won SO gold (Nationals) in Medley relay today, go Ann, go Ann! Tomorrow 100 IM

Pic of Ann with Special Olympics Nationals Gold Medal she won yesterday…Ann just won gold in 4 x 100 free relay!http://moby.to/l57oi8

– Its good to know that there is more behind Phil.