Funny Money

January 12, 2015

We live in a sports world where when an athlete at any age shows any semblance of being talented they get celebrity treatment.

This is very prevalent in football. ESPN releases their top 500 HS recruits and no matter the age they are being followed on Twitter, talked about on the radio about committing to a university constantly and having articles written about them.

Once they decide on a school, it is the same but with pressure of producing. If they are good enough to make the NFL, they get way over paid to play a game.

Most pros are in their mid 20s and the current oldest player is only 43. He is a kicker.

I can see why players act foolish on the sidelines or during the game. What do they have to lose? How have they been treated all their lives? They will likely get talked about on sports talk for the week and if they get fined, its just a small percentage of what they make a game and it goes to charity so its a tax deduction.

The strange thing about NFL is you only get paid for 17 weeks plus playoffs if made but because their yearly salary is so high it doesn’t really matter.

Another year, another swim

January 3, 2015

This time last year it was warmer and I remember swimming on both NYE and NY Day. The high was in the mid 50s.

This year however was colder and rainy. I swam on NYE and it was 42 but just cloudy but on NY Day, it was only in the 30s and was raining all day so I skipped…and besides football was on literally from 11am until after midnight.

I went today. It was 42 cloudy and drizzling. The water was warmer in the pool than the air so it was steaming up and could see it from the parking lot some ten or so yards away.

Usually I change poolside but today I didn’t. Once I was ready, the steam was so thick I couldn’t really tell who was in a lane and who wasn’t. There was only three of us so it wasn’t too hard.

I did what I have been doing for months, a half mile, then got my stuff and ran to dry off. During the summer, I will do over eight miles a week but there isn’t really a reason to now.

And to think that in two months max from now it will be pool weather for all the normal people. This is my favorite time of the year. Less people.